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An interior staircase made of granite, marble or other natural stones embellishes your house and has a longer service life than other covering materials. Whether marble stairs for a private house or granite steps or agglo artificial stone for a commercial property - we always strive to offer you the stone stairs that match your furnishing taste.
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Which surfaces for stone steps?

For interior staircases made of natural stone, granite stairs, marble staircases or stairs made of artificial stone, there is no regulation regarding the surface of private houses. In the private sector, stone steps or single stone steps as well as entire staircases can be executed in any surface. This applies to straight staircases and also to spiral staircases.
There are clear specifications for commercial real estate, which are regulated in the BGR 181 and in most cases prescribe the R9 anti-slip layer. For granite steps and natural stone stairs, this required surface is usually achieved with a grind of grain size 80-120.

Material selection for stone stairs

In the large selection of natural stones for internal stairs is first of all a distinction between hard rocks, soft rocks and artificial stones.
The hard rock belongs to the first granite, with the well-known materials such as Rosa Beta, Bianco Sardo, Penalva or Pietra Salgadas.
Other well-known hard rocks are Nero Assoluto, Impala or Star Galaxy, which belong to the hard rock type Gabbro. Padang Dark, on the other hand, is a diorite. Migmatite is another type of hard rock, such as Juparana Colombo or Multi Color.
One of the best-selling hard rock stone levels today is Padang Dark - also known as G 654, and granite steps from Spanish granite Gris Nevada.
Soft rocks are essentially marble, limestone, shale and sandstone. It must be considered here that the marble staircase, stairs made of slate or sandstone stairs are much more susceptible to scratching than hard stones. Carrara and Jura Yellow are among the best known soft rocks.
Artificial stones are differentiated in Agglo, also called Agglomarmor and quartz composite.

Prices for granite steps

The prices for granite steps and stone steps are based on the shape of your concrete staircase and on the material that you have shortlisted for. Marble stairs are now in the upper price range due to the exclusivity of this natural stone.