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External stairs natural stone - natural stone entrance stairs

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Natural stone is the ideal building material for outdoor use. Its durability and weather resistance make many natural stones the first choice for the entrance area, natural stone exterior stairs and natural stone steps. Because of the many possibilities of surface treatment, there are hardly any limits to creative freedom. External stairs made of natural stone we offer you in many materials such as flamed granite and other hard rock, but also as slate stairs. External stairs usually consist of steps or gantries, setting stages or bumps and baseboards. Here are the prices for natural stone external stairs.

External stairs natural stone
Natural stone entrance stairs
Granite exterior staircase
External stairs natural stone 1

Granit external staircase - The advantages

Granit is an extremely robust material, weatherproof and easy to clean. These advantages make a granite exterior staircase insensitive to temperature changes from frost in the winter to the summer heat. This ensures a decades-long service life if the stairs are laid correctly.

Granites are usually medium to coarse-grained. They have an uneven mineral distribution without grain or structure. This gives them a relatively uniform appearance. The main components of granite are quartz, feldspar and mica. The color spectrum of a granite exterior staircase ranges from light gray to greyish-bluish, red and yellowish.
Granites are one of the most abundant natural stones in the world and can be found all over the world. The most famous granite deposits in Europe from which material for granite external stairs is obtained are in Spain and Italy.

Natural stone entrance stairs must be non-slip.

The surface of natural stone entrance stairs must be sufficiently slip-resistant, so that the stone staircase can be safely used even in rain, ice and snow. For this reason, natural stone exterior stairs in the tread area should always have flamed surfaces.

Flamed surfaces are created by a strong heating of the stone surface with an extremely hot gas flame, which leads to small flaking of the quartz in the rock surface, without damaging the inner structure of the natural stone. This gives the natural stone exterior staircase the necessary roughness.

We are happy to advise you personally, by phone or by email regarding the design and installation of your natural stone staircase and deliver throughout Germany (only mainland) to your delivery address.