Wall coverings granite

We produce according to your specifications wall coverings made of granite to measure and other natural stones in many variants; The offers mentioned here are only intended to give you a first impression of how cheap wall cover plates can be directly from the manufacturer. We offer wall cover plates of natural stone in two and three centimeters thickness. Click on the material you like for more information.

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How much lateral overhang for wall coverings?

Wall coverings not only have a visually beautifying effect. In particular they serve the controlled drainage of rainwater to the ground without the wall itself coming into contact with it. Therefore, we recommend 4 cm for both sides of the natural stone cover plate. The bottom water grooves are milled about 1,5 cm behind the front edge. In this way, the rainwater can then drip with a distance of about 2.5 cm to the wall on the ground.
(4cm projection minus 1,5 distance of the water groove to the front edge = 2,5 cm distance to the wall)

Wall cover plates granite

Unlike many other retailers, we offer granite wall cover panels in all desired widths and lengths up to 220 cm. Wall coverings Natural stone - especially in hard rocks not only represent the visually most beautiful variant for the wall close, but are also extremely robust, frost-resistant and weather-resistant. Wall coverings Granite can be offered in polished, polished or flamed surface. Of course, the polished surface is at the same time the easiest to clean surface treatment. Every standard solution made of precast concrete parts is far behind the appearance of the granite wall covering panels. For each open on both sides wall cover include lower water grooves on both sides. This rainwater can be selectively removed from the surface of the wall cover and the wall itself. In addition to the purely optical gain through granite wall coverings, the protective effect of the wall covering plate for the wall is added, which is protected against weathering.

Custom made granite wall coverings

A Steinabdeckplatte as wall cover made of granite should not be laid in our opinion from prefabricated mass-produced in standard lengths and standard widths. The reason for this is very simple: Natural stone wall coverings should have few joints, so that over the years no water can get into the mortar bed under the wall cover. Order the individual plates for your wall as long as possible. So wall coverings granite to measure. For prefabricated wall cover plates, the standard widths offered there are also a problem: because the wall cover will either have too much or too little excess over your wall in this way. In addition, we also consider the mostly offered by the competition rough or flamed surface in wall coverings for problematic. Any type of flue dust, moss or pigeon dung can easily settle on it. Of course, this also applies to concrete wall cover plates. Therefore, we strongly recommend either polished, or at least polished surfaces for wall coverings.

Pillar covers made of natural stone

For many garden walls, not only wall coverings made of natural stone are needed, but also cover plates for the wall pillars. Such pillar covers we produce for you from the same natural stone that you have selected for the wall coverings. The bottom water grooves are milled into the stone on all four sides. The projection of the pillar cover over the pillar itself should be about 4 cm. A gradient is not required. Through the water grooves rainwater is safely diverted to each side without touching the pillar.

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