Window sills Basaltina
  • Window sills Basaltina
    Price per square meter in 2 cm thickness
  • 295
  • Window sills Basaltina
    Price per square meter in 3 cm thickness
  • 398
The price includes:
1. A long edge and both heads sanded and bevelled - On request including water groove at the bottom along and top across.
2. Windowsill surface sanded and open-pored, also roughened or brushed in 3 cm. Undersides sawn. Minimum calculation width 20 cm, minimum calculation area 0,2 Qm. Max. Length on one piece 220 cm

Window sills Basaltina

Country of origin: Italy
Rock type: Basalt (soft rock)
Suitable for:
- Interior sills
- Exterior windowsills

This cement-gray basalt is naturally porous and is one of the soft rocks. The Italian Basaltina is mostly brighter than
the Eifeler basalt lava and also a bit fine-pored. This material is almost exclusively used outdoors.

Video Tutorial:
Measure window sills

Measure window sills

Application Instructions:
Exterior window sills

Natural stone exterior window sills

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